Helen Fink Forbeck of the U.S. A. visited the Nederlands to see ancestral landmarks and to meet Vinkenvleugel relatives.  Following are pictures taken during her visit there.

Suze Vinkenvleugel     Johan Vinkenvleugel
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Suze and Johan Vinkenvleugel
Hosted Helen Fink Forbeck and her daughters during their visit to the Nederlands.

Vinkenvleugel family
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Suzan, Johan, Jos and Suze Vinkenvleugel
Suzan acted as interpreter and tour guide.  Jos also showed the Forbecks some of the sights.

Kim, Jody and Helen Fink Forbeck
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Kim, Jody and Helen Fink Forbeck
from Wisconsin, USA.

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Back Row:  Henk Jansen, Jody Forbeck, Frank Vinkenvleugel, Finie V. Jansen, Suzan and Jos Vinkenvleugel.
Front Row:  Koert and Marietje V. Veentra, Francis Vinkenvleugel and Kim Forbeck.

Forbecks and Hermsens at Keukenof
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Kim and Jody Forbeck with Stef (far right) and Nardie (second from left) Vinkenvleugel Hermsen
at Keukenof.

Helen Fink Forbeck visited ancestral graves at the Cemetery in Breedenboeck and took photos of Vinkenvleugel gravestones.  Click here to see them.
More of Helen's photos from the Nederlands, Click here to see them!

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