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Table of Contents



Origin of the Name

Historical Background

Family Origins


The Netherlands
Province of North Brabant
Nistelrode/Mierlo Area


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Our Dutch ancestors and their children:

Sander Vinkenvleugel = ______ ________
and their child:

Gerrit (Geert) Vinkenvleugel

Gerrit (Geert) Vinkenvleugel = Lijsbeth te Nesche
and their children.

Gerrit (Geert) Vinknevleugel = Enneken Heikink
and their children including:

Sander Vinknevleugel

Sander Vinkenvleugel = Geertje te Hutte
and their children including:

Gerardus (Garrit) Vinkenvleugel

Gerardus (Garrit) Vinkenvleugel = Berendje Bussink
and their children including:

Hermanus Vinkenvleugel

Hermanus Vinknevleugel = Hendrina Oostendorp (daughter of Jan Teuben Oostendorp = Fenna Maria Janssen)
and their children:

Hermanus Vinkenveluegel
Arend Vinkenveluegel
Steven Vinkenveluegel
Janna Vinkenveluegel
Sandrina Vinkenveluegel
Johannes Vinkenveluegel
Bernardus Vinkenveluegel

Arend Vinkenveluegel = Anna Sophia Raessink
and their child:

Bernardus Vinkenveluegel

Immigrants to America:

Hermanus2 Vinkenvleugel = Hendrina ten Haken
and their children:

Maria Magdeline Vinkenvleugel
Bernardus Vinkenvleugel
Johanna Geertruida Vinkenvleugel, died 12 November 1830 in Netherlands. 
Janna Geertruida Vinkenvleugel, died 04 July 1833 in Netherlands.
Hendrikus Vinkenvleugel
Johanna Vinkenvleugel
Geertruid Vinkenvleugel

First generation in America:

Maria Magdeline Vinkenvleugel and Lambert  Van der Heiden
and their children:

Angeline Van der Heyde
Henrietta R. Vanderheiden = Jim Brady
........................................................= ________ Taylor
........................................................= ________ Taylor
John William Vanderheiden = Theresa Helen Ricke
Joseph H. Vanderheiden... = Teresa O’Tool
Dora Vanderheiden............ = William Parker
Henry D. Vanderheiden.... = Ellen Wittle
Jonas A. Vanderheiden..... = Callie Whittle
Jacob B. Vanderheiden...... = Mollie Mondier
Philomenia (Minnie) Vanderheiden = Robert Flanagan
..................................................................= ______ Allen
..................................................................= ______ Brewer
A. C. Vanderheiden............ = ______ Duffel
Bennet H. Vanderheiden... = Lillie Chambers
................................................. = Flora Elkins
Albert L. Vanderheiden..... = Florence Doby
Willie Vanderheiden
Anna Mae Vanderheiden
Maggie May Vanderheiden


Photo album



In addition to all those who took the time to fill out my questionnaires and answer my letters, these are to be especially commended because of their assistance:

Audrey and Willie Means
of Stilwell, Oklahoma

Mrs. Jean Reese

Mr. Loek van der Heijden

Mrs. Peggy White


I have been working on and off for more than 35 years on a history of the Van der Heiden family and that has recently lead to the Vinkenvleugel ancestry of Maria Vinkenvleugel who married Lambert Van der Heiden.

Please send us your corrections, changes and suggestions. If you have any information, newspaper clippings or old pictures which should be included in subsequent editions, please let us know. I promise you we will handle your old records and pictures with care and return them to you.

Origin of the Names

In the Dutch language, the surname "Vinkenvleugel" means "finch wing."  It is possible that other unrelated Dutch families adopted the same surname.  Hence, it cannot be said that all Vinkenvleugels are related.


Our Dutch ancestors:

1. Sander1 Vinkenvleugel

 Child of Sander Vinkenvleugel and _______ _________ is:

+ 2 i. Gerrit2 Vinkenvleugel, born 01 January 1650.


Generation No. 2

2. Gerrit2 Vinkenvleugel (Sander1) was born 01 January 1650. He married (1) Lijsbeth te Nesche 08 November 1676. He married (2) Enneken Heikink 19 May 1684.

Gerrit Vinkenvleugel also known as "Geert".

 Children of Gerrit Vinkenvleugel and Lijsbeth te Nesche are:

3 i. Henrisken3 Vinkenvleugel, born 23 November 1679 in Dinxperlo.

4 ii. Sander Vinkenvleugel, born 08 January 1682 in Dinxperlo.

 Children of Gerrit Vinkenvleugel and Enneken Heikink are:

5 i. Hendrik3 Vinkenvleugel, born 29 August 1686 in Dinxperlo.

6 ii. Anna Elisabeth Vinkenvleugel, born 02 April 1689 in Dinxperlo. She married Hendrik Heurneman 10 April 1733.  Hendrik Heurneman was a buttonmaker from Wesel (Germany).

7 iii. Lijsbeth Vinkenvleugel, born 02 April 1689 in Dinxperlo.

+ 8 iv. Sander Vinkenvleugel, born 17 May 1692 in Dinxperlo.

9 v. Jan Vinkenvleugel, born 17 March 1695 in Dinxperlo.

10 vi. Anna Catharina Vinkenvleugel, born 24 January 1697 in Dinxperlo.

11 vii. Janna Vinkenvleugel, born 25 February 1700 in Dinxperlo.

12 viii. Hendrik Vinkenvleugel, born 10 February 1704 in Dinxperlo.

13 ix. Jan Hendrik Vinkenvleugel, born 05 July 1705 in Dinxperlo.


Generation No. 3

 8. Sander3 Vinkenvleugel (Gerrit2, Sander1) was born 17 May 1692 in Dinxperlo. He married Geertje te Hutte 12 November 1720.

 Children of Sander Vinkenvleugel and Geertje te Hutte are:

14 i. Anna Margaretha4 Vinkenvleugel, born 24 January 1723 in Dinxperlo. She married Henricus Bouman.

15 ii. Johannes Hermanus Vinkenvleugel, born 20 April 1724 in Dinxperlo. He married Petronella Rehorst.

+ 16 iii. Gerardus Vinkenvleugel, born 07 September 1726 in Dinxperlo; died 07 August 1775 in Dinxperlo.

17 iv. Wilhelmina Vinkenvleugel, born 02 February 1727 in Dinxperlo.

18 v. Jannes Vinkenvleugel, born 06 November 1728 in Dinxperlo.

19 vi. Janna Vinkenvleugel, born 20 May 1731 in Dinxperlo.

20 vii. Johannes Hermanus Vinkenvleugel, born 22 November 1733 in Dinxperlo.

21 viii. Jan Hendriks Vinkenvleugel, born 05 February 1736 in Dinxperlo.

22 ix. Geeske Vinkenvleugel, born 13 December 1738 in Dinxperlo.

23 x. Jannes Vinkenvleugel, born 28 October 1742 in Dinxperlo. He married Derkske te Passe 09 April 1780.


Generation No. 4

 16. Gerardus4 Vinkenvleugel (Sander3, Gerrit2, Sander1) was born 07 September 1726 in Dinxperlo, and died 07 August 1775 in Dinxperlo. He married Berendje Bussink.

Gerardus Vinkenvleugel also known as "Garrit".

 Children of Gerardus Vinkenvleugel and Berendje Bussink are:

24 i. Anna Christina5 Vinkenvleugel, born 15 August 1746 in Dinxperlo.

25 ii. Gerrit Jan Vinkenvleugel, born 01 October 1747 in Dinxperlo.

26 iii. Steven Vinkenvleugel, born 17 January 1751 in Dinxperlo.

27 iv. Hendrik Coendert Vinkenvleugel, born 14 July 1754 in Dinxperlo. He married Maria ter Haardt 11 February 1783.

+ 28 v. Hermanus Vinkenvleugel, born 19 January 1758 in Dinxperlo; died 24 January 1846 in Age 88.

29 vi. Sander Vinkenvleugel, born 17 July 1761 in Dinxperlo. He married Anna Catharina Oostendorp 22 February 1785.


1. Jan Teuben1 Oostendorp He married Fenna Maria Janssen.

Child of Jan Teuben Oostendorp and Fenna Maria Janssen is:

2 i. Hendrina2 Oostendorp. She married Hermanus Vinkenvleugel 04 February 1787.  He was born 19 January 1758 in Dinxperlo; died 24 January 1846, age 88.


Generation No. 5

 28. Hermanus5 Vinkenvleugel (Gerardus4, Sander3, Gerrit2, Sander1) was born 19 January 1758 in Dinxperlo, and died 24 January 1846 in Age 88. He married Hendrina Oostendorp 04 February 1787, daughter of Jan Oostendorp and Fenna Janssen.

 Children of Hermanus Vinkenvleugel and Hendrina Oostendorp are:

30 i. Janna6 Vinkenvleugel, born 09 February 1786 in Dinxperlo; died 09 February 1806 at age 20 years.

+ 31 ii. Arend Vinkenveluegel, born 22 January 1789 in Dinxperlo (Christened date).

32 iii. Steven Vinkenveluegel, born 12 November 1791 in Dinxperlo; died 1874.

33 iv. Janna Vinkenveluegel, born 11 January 1794 in Dinxperlo. She married Hermanus ter Beek.

34 v. Sandrina Vinkenveluegel, born 01 January 1798 in Dinxperlo; died 08 March 1815 at age 17 years at Dinxperlo.

35 vi. Johannes Vinkenveluegel, born 30 May 1800 in Dinxperlo. He married Aleida Fisser.

36 vii. Bernardus Vinkenveluegel, born 10 March 1804 in Dinxperlo; died 13 February 1806 at age 1 year at Dinxperlo.

+ 37 viii. Hermanus Vinkenveluegel, born 10 March 1804 in Dinxperlo, Netherlands; died June 1889 in probably, Wrightstown, Brown County, Wisconsin.


Generation No. 6

 31. Arend6 Vinkenveluegel (Hermanus5 Vinkenvleugel, Gerardus4, Sander3, Gerrit2, Sander1) was born 22 January 1789. He married Anna Sophia RaessinkClick here to read Arend Vinkenveluegel and Anna Sophia Raessink family history.

Child of Arend Vinkenveluegel and Anna Sophia Raessink is:

+ 38 i. Bernardus3 Vinkenveluegel, born 10 August 1833.


Immigrants to America:

2. Hermanus2 Vinkenveluegel (Hermanus1 Vinkenvleugel) was born 10 March 1804 in Dinxperlo, Netherlands, and died June 1889 in probably, Wrightstown, Brown County, Wisconsin. He married (1) Hendrina ten Haken. Hendrina was born 1801, and died 14 August 1849 at Boston, Massachusetts. He married (2) Theodora Kobussen 24 September 1850 at Boston Massachusetts.  Theodora Kobussen was born in Germany in 1790.  Her father's name was Bernard Byer.  Theodora married first, _______ Kobussen.  He died __ ______ _______.  He married (3) Anna Maria Lauterbach after 1850. She was born in Koblenz, Duitsland. 

Hermanus Vinkenveleugel used the name "Herman Fink" in America. He was also known as "Manus" and last name "Vinke". Also last name "V. Veugel".   His name has also been given as "Herman Finkenflugel".

According to research from Jean Reese, Hermanus had a twin brother named Bernardus. Bernardus died 13 February 1806 in Dinxperlo at age 1 year, 11 months, 3 days.

Hermanus emigrated in November 1847 with his wife, Hendrina, and five children to America. He departed from Rotterdam with a ship named "Amphin" and arried on 31 January 1848 in New York. He settled in Boston, where he worked for 7 years as "cooper". With this job he earned and saved $700, and he then moved to the area of "Wrights Town", Wisconsin, where he bought 80 acres of farm land. His wife Hendrina (te Haken) Vinkenvleugel had been ill for two years and died at Boston, Massachusetts. Some of Hermanus' children moved with him to Wisconsin.

Hermanus married Theodora Kobussen on 24 September 1850 at Boston, Massachusetts.  See The Commonwealth of Massachusetts marriage book, Year 1850, Volume 47, Page 95, No. 1550.  Click here to see photo of Copy of Record of Marriage.  Also see transcript below.

About, probably, 1863, Hermanus married, third, Anna Marie Lauterbach.

A letter was found which Hermanus Vinkenvleugel wrote to relatives in the Netherlands 35 years after leaving Dinxperlo with his wife and five children. The letter is dated 16 March 1885, and he writes that he had just turned 81 years old on 10 March. In the letter he signed his name, but said that replies should be addressed to the name he was known as in America, "Herman Fink". He was living in Wrightstown, Brown County, Wisconsin, having come there seven years after his arrival to America in Boston. His oldest son married in Boston, but died, leaving a wife and three children. His son Hendrikus died in the Civil war, and Hermanus received a pension of $8 month.

Marriage certificate of Hermanus Vinkenvleugel and Hendrina ten Haken dated 28 January 1832 from "Book 1832 akte nr 2 Dinxperlo", transcribed by Stef __________ (probably Hermsen), and sent to Jean Reese.

Transcription of Marriage Certificate:
Book 1832 akte nr 2 Dinxperlo
date 28-1-1832, Hermanus Vinkenvleugel age 27 year from Dinxperlo,
Clog-maker son of Hermanus Vinkenvleugel age 74 and his wife Hendrina Oostendorp age 69 year
Anna Hendrina Wilhelmina ten Haken without profession (Housewife)
age 31 year from Dinxperlo. Daughter of Gerhardus Johannes ten Haken,
deceased and the widow Anna Maria ten Greve age 69 year
Best man (Witness) Frederik ter Beest, Farmer age 57
Arend Jan Colenbrander, Carpenter age 69
Berend Hendrik Duenk, employer age 31

Anna Maria Lauterbach was the second spouse of Hermanus Vinkenvleugel. She had seven children, probably with Hermanus.

Transcription of the Copy of Record of Marriage for Hermanus and Theodora (Kobussen) Vinkenvleugel: 

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
 Archives Division

I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I am the Secretary of State;  that as such I have the copy of marriage required by law to be kept in my office; that among such records is one relating to:

Herman V. Veugel and Theodora Kobifsen

and that the following is a true copy of so much of said record as relates to said marriage.
Date of Marriage:  Sept. 24, 1850 Place of Marriage:  Boston
Name:  Herman V. Veugel Name:  Theodora Kobifsen
Age:  46          Color:  White Age:  56     Color:  White
Residence:  Boston Residence:  Boston
Marriage:  Second Marriage:  Second
Occupation:  Laborer Occupation:  --
Birthplace:  Germany Birthplace:  Germany
Name of Father:  Herman Veugel Name of Father:  Bernard Byer
Mother's Maiden Name:  -- Mother's Maiden Name:  --
(incomplete transcript)

End of Transcript.

Children of Hermanus Vinkenveluegel and Hendrina ten Haken are:

+ 9 i. Maria Magdalena3 Vinkenvleugel, born 06 September 1842 in Erp, Province of North Brabant, Netherlands; died 20 December 1900 in Yoestown, Arkansas and is buried in Gill cemetery at Crawford County, Arkansas.  Click here to read Maria Magdalena Vinkenvleugel and Lambert Van der Heiden family history.

+ 10 ii. Bernardus Vinkenvleugel, born 30 March 1828 in Netherlands; died in Boston, Massachusetts.

11 iii. Johanna Geertruida Vinkenvleugel, born 09 October 1830 in Netherlands; died 12 November 1830 in Netherlands. 

12 iv. Janna Geertruida Vinkenvleugel, born 21 December 1831 in Netherlands; died 04 July 1833 in Netherlands.

13 v. Hendrikus Vinkenvleugel, born 21 January 1839 in Netherlands.  According to a letter written by his father, Hendrikus was shot in the Civil War of the United States and died.  Hendrikus' father Hermanus received $8 month pension for the death of his son in the war.  Hendrikus' name also spelled "Hendricus".

14 vi. Johanna Vinkenvleugel, born 31 July 1834.   In 1885, known to be in Oregon. May have changed name to "Fink", as father and sister Mary did.

15 vii. Geertruid Vinkenvleugel, born 02 December 1836.  In 1885 known to be in New York. May have changed name to "Fink" as father and sister Mary did.

Children of Hermanus Vinkenveluegel and Ann Marie Lauterbach are:

46 i. Unknown7 Vinkenveluegel, born 01 July 1864.

47 ii. Unknown Vinkenveluegel.

48 iii. Unknown Vinkenveluegel.

49 iv. Unknown Vinkenveluegel.

50 v. Unknown Vinkenveluegel.

51 vi. Unknown Vinkenveluegel.

52 vii. Unknown Vinkenveluegel, born 01 August 1877.


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